Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"Ethan Herschenfeld brings dark, sculpted tone to his roles as the foreman Aguirre and, later, Hog-Boy."

Monday, February 03, 2014

created the roles of Aguirre and Hog Boy  in the world premier production of Charles Wuorinen's Brokeback Mountain at Teatro Real Madrid, with libretto by Annie Proulx

"Ethan Herschenfeld lent his imposing stage presence and basso profondo to the sheep owner Aguirre and to the ghost of Jack's father — a surprising "operatic" addition, one of the few moments at which the opera diverges from the original story."  
Opera News

"Ethan Herschenfeld, as Aguirre, the bullying sheep rancher who gives Ennis and Jack work that crucial summer on Brokeback Mountain, appears later on as the ghost of Lureen’s father, who makes explicit to her in a dream, abetted by a chorus, what kind of man Jack really is."   
The New York Times

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